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Ok someone needs to show me how to do that shaved side thing because I am feeling that look

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Four months hair growth from 1/2 inch with fresh henna.

glamrockvampire asked: Sorry for bothering you with another message but I just wanted to say that I miss your comics. *especially the squid fairy* Your stuff cheers me up a lot. :D (sorry, this must be annoying)

You’re not annoying at all, peach. I like hearing feedback from people no matter what kind. I will apologize for my lack of posting though, senior year of college (especially with student teaching) has been so time and energy consuming that there was no way I could feasibly make comics that I’d feel right about posting. Now that I’m almost finished with all that though, I think it would be safe to say that Moose might be making a return in the very near future


glamrockvampire asked: Whoa! You cut your hair?!

Oh jeez, did I not talk about that on here? Yeah I actually shaved it all off down to 1/2 inch in December because it was so damaged that it squeaked. I’m in the process of growing it back to its full glory though

And now for the first time since I cut all my hair off: I’m dying it with henna once more. Maybe I’ll post pictures/my recipe when it’s finished

Today I was hit with the realization that some people will never experience the weirdly exciting discovery of “Oh shit, that’s what the world is supposed to look like?” that one gets when one puts on a pair of glasses for the first time after spending most of their lives not knowing they needed them. And that’s kind of sad to me.




To all those 12.9 year-olds on Tumblr,

I think we all know where you really belong:


I think you should shut the fuck up

we RP smut. I do it all the fucking time.

We write fanfics.

We love yuri and yaoi.

We have dirty minds.

Looks like we misjudged those 12.9 year olds.


im dying

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Am I the only one not feeling Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan? I feel as though she’s trying to perform the role with the same blowsiness as like, Dorothy Loudon or Kathy Bates but she’s got neither the appearance nor the stage presence to pull off that awkward grumpy voice thing she’s putting on. Like, I am living for this new Annie remake but jeeeeeeeeez that was a poor choice.